Meet Ray Wilson

A Rancher, Packer, and Cowboy all his life, Ray Wilson who has been riding horses for more than 45 years knows what a good saddle feels like. He knows the needs of both the horse and rider.

Already an accomplished leather worker, Ray began repairing saddles and soon was making them for local cowboys. Now his saddles go all over the country. Having spent most of his life riding the rugged mountains of Eastern Oregon, Ray is uniquely qualified to make good using saddles.

He has his saddle trees custom made and designed with the bars modified to fit the horse correctly and has field tested them extensively. Trees are made with narrow seats to assure the rider of a comfortable seat. Starting with the tree and carried on with a very custom hand carved ground seat.

Ray uses only the best quality materials available and provides the highest quality workmanship and fastdependable service. His saddles have been tested by many working cowboys who ride all day every day. If you want a saddle custom designed for you and your horse or other leather products call or email Ray Wilson at Wilson Saddlery.

Please call 541-398-0667 or email with questions or specific requirements. We will work with you in every way possible. 

Our products are completely customized, therefore, please contact us to discuss pricing.