Custom Saddles

Our custom made western saddles are made on custom made trees with specially designed bars and with the leather custom fit and designed. # 1 quality skirting, sheep skin and latigo leather, long strings, stirrup hobbles, mohair cinch and lined flank cinch, mule hide or latigo horn wraps, oak stirrups with galvanized exterior and leather…

Saddle Bags

Any style or size Saddle Bag is available. All Saddle Bags are made with top quality skirting leather, stamped, carved, buckstitched and more.

Spur Straps

Any type or style of spur straps are available. Plain, stamped or carved.

Chaps and Chinks

Chaps are custom made to your measurements, plain, stamped or carved. Various styles can be made with silver conchos and buckles. Click on images to see larger pictures.

Headstalls & Halters

These premium headstalls are ideal for hard working horses. Made from premium light weight skirting leather and latigo lined and stitched. Any kind of hardware available with buckle, screw or tie ends.